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How to empower our lives with imagination. An exercise and an invitation.Added by Ankit Bhangar 3 yearss ago


We all have dreams. It's a simple statement, but it's true isn't it? There's a thought somewhere inside of you – maybe hidden underneath some more consistently worried beliefs (which are caging your opportunities for joy, by the way) -- that feels incredibly easeful. There's a reality who's possibilities feel exciting and expansive to you. There's a day that would keep you up all night in anticipation as you waited for it to arrive. It's a little cliche to use this example, but what if every day in your life was like that? Rich with possibilities, and abundant with everything you imagined growing up would feel like when you finally got there.

I want to take you back to your childhood, and your experience of being a kid. How did you feel about yourself back then? How did you feel about your life, and it's possibilities? Weren't they endless! Life was space, and anything could happen inside of it's magnificent abyss. A day could hold within itself the space of a year, and who you were could change with a sudden flick of your imagination. You could wake up as a dragon, and then on the way to school become an astronaut. On the playground during recess you could collaborate with your friends to create a kingdom. Maybe you were even the king or queen. None of this was silly to imagine. Life was there to be enjoyed.

And then you grew up.

Over the last 10 years, I've trained over 500,000 individuals on how to empower their lives, businesses, and relationships. I use a variety of tools to help them to do that. I'd like to share one of these tools with you now through an experiment.

I want you to say the following phrase out loud: “I am a millionaire!”

It doesn't matter if this a goal for you or not. This is just an experiment. We're just having fun here. I just want you to say it out loud, and experience what that feels like. Now I want you to say that phrase out loud ten more times. Now say it again with emotion and belief. Jump up and down. Get excited about the potential living inside of this reality.

Now stop.

I have a question for you: What happened to your thoughts as you said this phrase?

Maybe your mind travelled along a conveyor belt of reasons why this statement wasn't true and never could be.

Maybe you started trying to figure out how it could be true, and suddenly felt discouraged by all the work ahead of you.

Maybe you really did start getting excited.

Maybe you experienced all three of these things.

Now, imagine what would happen if you said this phrase (or any phrase that puts you in a place of already having what you want) out loud to yourself every day? I have an inkling on what might happen, but I'm just going to leave that question open for you to mull over.

Your thoughts are far more powerful than you give them credit, but just like the body doesn't get strong and fit if it doesn't follow through on the habits that will get it there, neither does the mind. I want to help you to feed your mind the nutrients it needs to create the reality you desire. This blog post is one source of that positive fuel.

Want to learn more? Subscribe below. This is going to be fun!

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His Wife Of 75 Years Died A Month Ago, Then He Wrote This Song For Her. I'm in Tears.Added by kieron 4 yearss ago


After the love of his life passed away, 96-year-old Fred was left with only the memories of their decades together. Although Fred had no musical background, when he read about a local music studio holding a singer/songwriter contest, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to write a love song for his wife since the 1930?s, Lorraine.

Honestly, just writing it out makes my eyes well up. This is one of those heartbreakingly beautiful stories that make you take a step back. I’m warning you, make sure you have some tissues around, because this will probably get you. At over 8 minutes, it’s long, but the story is one you’ll remember for a lifetime. Please enjoy and SHARE this beautiful love story.

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family reunionAdded by kieron 5 yearss ago


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Beginning of a New ERAAdded by kieron 5 yearss ago


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