Vince Lombardi once said - "Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The coaches who win are the ones who can motivate their players."

For the past ten years I have been coaching, training and inspiring people to reach for higher levels of success. I have lived an amazing life so far.

My clients always ask me how I was able to create success in my life. My answer is always, “I have lived life at 100%”.

I won my first hockey championship when I was 10 years old. Tim Horton was my idol. I won my second sports championship when I was 12 in volleyball. I have traveled to over 100 countries, lived with over 70 families in many cultures, prayed in churches, temples, synagogues and mosques. I produced an award winning film while attending University. I performed in a musical group. I performed in the half-time show of the super bowl. I climbed a mountain in Colombia, hiked inside ice caves below 2,000-year-old glaciers in Alaska, walked the Great Wall of China, worked on missions, taught English in the developing world, worked and played with orphans. I rode my bike from the top of France to the bottom. I am a Father of four remarkable children. I started my first business when I was 11 years old. I graduated from University with a degree in International Relations. I worked in international relations for 5 years with the Government. I bought the patent to a ski product at 28 and started my second business. I founded an export company. I have invested in many enterprises, been involved in IPOs, built three businesses and sold over $100 million in my 26 years in business. And life keeps getting better.

My life has been rich because I chose to pursue what was of interest to me, excited me and more importantly, challenged my fears.

I have also had challenges. I have had financial challenges. I have made many mistakes in business. I have made mistakes in business and personal relationships. I have had business partnerships that have failed. I loaned money to people and they did not pay me back. I invested in businesses that failed. I trusted people in a major business acquisition who basically stole from me.

I am human just like you. Life is a journey and how you choose to face success and adversity defines you. What is most enlightening about all my successes and challenges is; that the best of me and the worst of me showed up and it is in those moments of self recognition that I learned who I am, what I can be and what I need to improve.

All in all I am probably not much different from most people. I was not an "A" student. I did not excel in sports. However, and really think about this; I created my success because I "BELIEVED in ME" - I always had a deep inner belief in me. I have dreams. I want to impact the world in a significant way. I am actually in the process of doing this right now.

I also had Coaches. I was coached and mentored by Doug Maharg, a multi-millionaire from Toronto, Canada - he believed in me. He saw something in me. Bob Proctor also coached me. He also saw something in me and he pushed me hard. Dan Sullivan taught me to focus on my genius and worked with me for 3 years as my Coach.

Today, I am a sought after Coach because I bring a wealth of diversity in life and business. I am real. I am honest. And most importantly, I have never harmed anyone in business. In one venture with a business partner that failed, I took my own personal money and paid tens of thousands of dollars to vendors who did not get paid. I took responsibility for my partner’s poor decisions. I owned my part in it.

I have had great business experiences. I have also had near catastrophic experiences. I pursued a business acquisition that went terribly wrong when people I trusted circumvented me. I am amazed at what levels some people must lower themselves in order achieve success. There is a side to business and people that can be hurtful. However, one must not continue to be drawn into those circles. One must learn and grow and be wiser from the experience.

Believe me I have seen it all. However, I have always stood back up, dusted myself off and continue in my pursuit to become a top leader in my industry and in business.

My success and the obstacles I have had to overcome in my life have enriched me.

I have coached multi-millionaires, millionaires, executives and entrepreneurs. My clients have all achieved break-through experiences. Often I can shift someone dramatically in one session. The results are life changing. I have taught seminars all over the world and trained over 200,000 people on the psychology of wealth, success principles, public speaking, personal transformation, leadership and sales.

I approach business very differently. I Coach my clients to not focus on themselves. The methods I teach have helped hundreds of people directly and thousands indirectly. My methods are unique. I am tough but I come from the heart. I am not here to be your friend; I am here to be your best friend. Together we will achieve success.

One of the greatest ways to become successful is to first be Coached by a successful business person and a person who has lived life to its fullest. I can only come from my own experience. When people ask what one piece of advice would you give to someone in business, my answer is, hire a coach and be mentored through your business career. This is, from my perspective, how one will achieve the pinnacle of success.

Whatever business you choose, whatever field you venture into, you MUST find and hire a Coach who is an expert in this field, proven and has authentic interest in your success.


The following are some testimonials from clients and students who have studied and been coached by Kieron Sweeney. They have all experienced a dramatic shift in their personal and professional lives.

“You epitomize the meaning of personal power. When you stand on a stage your pure authenticity gives everyone else in the room permission to be authentic. The love and possibility you create in a room holds the space for those who listen to believe in their own possibility. Your humanity shows others that power does not come from perfection, but from self-acceptance and self-love. You simply be it.

When you convince, you convince from a place of showing others how to heal and create a new possibility in their lives and not from a place of shame or self-loathing. It is not in the words you say, but in who you are when you say them.

Your greatest strength is that you believe in and invest in everyone without prejudice.

Teresa D – Calgary, Canada

You told us over a year ago that you, as a mentor & coach aren't here to be our friends BUT that you are here to be the BEST FRIEND THAT WE EVER HAD!! Thank you for being willing to say what is hard & continually challenging us to step into our power and get tangible results in our lives. Working with you, I have nearly tripled my old salary at a Fortune 500 company, and the best part is that I now work for myself part-time from home. You have given our entire family a gift beyond words. Thank you

Judy & Simon – Walnut Creek, CA

Kieron Sweeney is a Master Coach - Kieron Coached me over Skype for two months and then we met for some live sessions. He completely transformed my speaking style and skills and my business increased sales by over 500%. The small investment I made returned not only huge financial gains, but my confidence soared and the best part is that my students are the real winners. Anyone who has any doubts about hiring this Coach, let go of your concerns and trust - this man is the real. Thank you Kieron.

Perth, Australia

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