CEO Legacy Program

The CEO Legacy program has been designed by Kieron Sweeney in response to many business leaders' desires, to give back to their community, found a cause, or participate in a foreign mission to help a community overseas.

Often busy executives have dreams and visions of doing something significant in service, however their lives are often filled with work related activities, family time and time for themselves. The dream and vision of giving back is often put on the "idea shelf" and sometimes is never realized.

The CEO Legacy program provides assistance and mentorship in this area so that business leaders can out source their project and get the assistance they need to realize their dream of giving back. Often this contribution can be a legacy that lives on in their name.

Kieron Sweeney participated in mission work at the age of 20 and has also contributed to various community development projects in South America, Africa, China, the U.S. and Canada. As a student volunteer, a student exchange participant, and in his role as an international advisor in Government during his late 20s and early 30s, Kieron made a significant contribution to community development work while fostering international understanding.

Please contact Kieron to discuss how his team can assist you to achieve your dreams and make a significant contribution. Design a legacy in your name that is in alignment with your values, your giving spirit and your purpose and be remembered forever.

Participants in this program must be in a financial position to establish either a fund, a charity, or fund a cause. The CEO Legacy program is an assistance program. We provide guidance on;

  • idea to concept project,
  • recommend a direction,
  • provide a budget and human resources to achieve your goals.

Often the tax deduction alone recovers the investment to achieve the realization of your cause.

To inquire about a consultation on establishing your legacy, please e-mail

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