Millionaire Coaching

Most entrepreneurs have the desire to be a millionaire. They have a mindset that consists of dreams of financial freedom, a better lifestyle and choice.

The Millionaire Coaching package is an exclusive opportunity for you to work with an internationally respected and accomplished speaker, coach, transformational facilitator and marketer. This is not for everyone. But it is for the person who has said NO to fears, NO to adversity and YES to I will ACHIEVE.

You will receive the most in-depth and comprehensive training on the planet to escalate your “message”, your expertise, and your advice to the world. Your message will impact millions of people. You and your message will shift the course of history, create a new future for you and your family, and you will create an impact on society that will alter the course of lives on this planet.

You will be invited to participate in special events with celebrities, world-class speakers, one-to-one meetings with multi-millionaires, and receive high-level sophisticated advice.

We work together every day – this is the most impactful coaching on the plant. You and your current business will thrive:

Here is what you will receive:

The Millionaire Package was meticulously designed to lead experienced business owners to achieve 7 – 8 figure business incomes using my proven methods, models, strategies, systems and my personal team’s sophisticated techniques, skills and talents. You will learn specific methods to attract business, beome and expert speaker, a profound leader, learn NLP techniques, social media marketing, positioning, and negotiation techniques that come from a place of authentic and true integrity. You cannot mislead people, be deceptive or disloyal. You must live your truth and keep your word “verbal or written”

  • daily coaching exclusively with Kieron
  • 30 minute session per week of intense coaching where we set targets, strategically design a map to achieve your results,
  • Two 90 minute sessions per month where we work on mindset techniques to shift you to levels you have yet to experience. We cover all areas of your life to move you from your current state to your desired state.
  • A plan, tools and expert advice to brand your name and your company€™s name to international recognition.

In addition you will receive the following to take you and your business to a new level of recognition and success:

  • Professional Logo Design
  • New Media Kit Professionally designed and optimised for getting you speaking engagements
  • Professional photography for your media– work with a world class award winning photographer and build your brand immediately
  • Customised Face Book Fanpage– live integrated with blog, other social media and your website – so you can start building your database and monetize online right away
  • Link up your database system to your iContact, aWeber, Infusionsoft to your custom facebook page so you have an immediate auto responder for your new clients finding you online
  • A professionally built and optimized squeeze page or landing page to do your first or next JV (Joint Venture) launch.
  • Create Face Book Store on your fan page for you products and books– so you can start monetizing on the fans you are now creating online
  • Search Engine Optimized Fan Page – to get the right customers coming to your fan page– ready to learn and buy from you
  • Custom Designed Branded You Tube Channel – get known and searched on You Tube and stand out from others that simply hang their videos on their site.
  • 15 custom emails (Professional Copy in correct sequence) – to your Opt In Database. Build your database quickly and have your first product launch sequence already built
  • Professionally recorded video for your opt in – get a professionally recorded HD video with professional sound for your Opt In Squeeze Page (or anywhere else you want to use it) Increasing conversions.

To inquire about this highly specialized coaching program, you or your business must already be earning a multiple six-figure income. This coaching is an investment in you and your business and you must be willing to commit to success.

e-mail to schedule a consultation. There is a $500.00 consultation fee and the session will last 60 – 90 minutes.

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