Ignite Your Life (Master Relationships in Business and Personal Life)

Ignite your Life is founded on the reality, that we are all leaders and capable of more. That we have untapped resources that we are really capable of and that we can give and receive more.

Isnt it true that we are all leaders? We lead our children, we lead at work and we must lead ourselves as the first place to start. So now that you are ready, (you must be if you are still reading) what is in store for you, if you read on about Ignite your life?

A whole new life, Yes I know thats a big statement but I can make it with confidence because I have seen, literally thousands of people attend Ignite and make that shift. They gain so much in every area of their life, they recommend the seminar to friends, work collegues and family. It is simply the best seminar they have attended. Thats why we give a money back guarantee with confidence. So read on and come to live a bigger life as a true leader.

We work with people who know they are leaders and they want to get more from life. More wealth, more love, more fitness, more great feelings and we show them how to have that every day of their life.

Become a much better, more aware parent.

Overcome Depression, Shyness, Anger or other behaviours and assist others to do the same.

Move past a divorce, the loss of a loved one.

Gain control over negative patterns like overeating.

Construct new life habits that drive your new destiny.

Activate your creativity, synergize your goals, integrate your mind and heart.

Use pioneering techniques to succeed.

Create work/life balance.

Bring those you love closer with your behaviours.

Grasp your passion, to push through to new levels of achievement.

Learn to sidestep any challenge and use its own resistance, to win.

Details:If you want a bigger life filled with more enjoyment, more fun and growth, then start your new life with our signature Leadership Event. Held over three days with the personal attention of our very best facilitators leading the seminar. As well as our customer service staff to ensure you have the most memorable and outstanding experience.


Leaders send their teams to Ignite to bring out their best leadership skills. Some of the benefits they take home are:-

  • Greater job satisfaction in whatever task they are given.
  • Improved emotional intelligence in handling workmates and customers.
  • More flexibility in interpersonal skills.
  • Less stressed.
  • Greater daily motivation.
  • Improved general sense of wellbeing.
  • Unbeatable rapport creating skills.
  • New leadership techniques.
  • Intensely focused and effective on the result.
  • And many more….


Why do men read papers and women want to talk ? Come and find out and bring new passion into your most important relationship. You may already have a good relationship, you are good friends and companions but you want more.... take it back to passion again. Feel the love and laughter once again. How do the Masculine and feminine states affect Relationships, polarity and passion?

Watch the couples on our comments page. Discover how they have done it and make it last!

Couples are welcome to attend this sensational seminar together.

We focus on Relationships for one full day because it brings us the most happiness or pain. Relationships are the building blocks of success. To lead, you must be able to quickly establish rapport and influence others. This principle applies to your staff and your clients.


This is what you have waiting for you, when you attend IGNITE YOUR LIFE:-

Day one. (Discovery)

Discover how you have been holding yourself back from what you really want.

See clearly where all limiting patterns, behaviours, beliefs and rules have come from.

Learn how you do emotions, they dont do you.

Start getting real about what you really want in your life.

Why smart people make silly money mistakes.

Experience the games that you play with others and yourself, that detract from your life.

Day Two(Relationship Day)

Understand the internal driving forces that shape your decisions and your life.

Know how to gain the 1% that makes the difference between success and failure.

Learn how to be in the best state for success in life and Relationships.

See, hear and experience the relationship reality that will transform your intimate relationships.

Know how to take back control of your life, by being congruent.

Clarify exactly what is important in your life and now shift to a new world.

Day Three Breakthrough

Watch as those around you transform before your eyes. Seeing is believing. Now you know, you will do it. Patterns that held you back are no longer there.

Tuition:USD$1495 per person. If you have completed IGNITE YOUR LIFE before, the Refresher cost is USD$850.

Payment:Credit card is available. We also have a flexible payment plan available.

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